Fireberry Haze

Strain: Sativa
Product Type: 0.5g Pre-Roll

21 – 23% (210-230mg/g)

Strawberry Cough x Fire OG

Dominant Terpenes
Limonene and Myrcene

Fireberry Haze is a phenotype of Strawberry Fire OG, grown and handcrafted by Radicle Cannabis. This sativa-dominant hybrid marries Strawberry Cough and Fire OG. Fireberry produces big, deep green buds highlighted by strawberry blonde hairs. Delicately preserved, crystal-coated nugs offer a sweet yet skunky aroma fueled by their OG lineage. Fireberry Haze hits the nose with a sour scent that mutes into a smooth, berry sweetness. This strain packs a fresh flavour, with candied sweetness and a strawberry aftertaste. Fireberry is balanced out by a robust terpene profile.

Ignite Canada

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