Powdered Donuts (Coming Soon)

Strain: Hybrid
Product Type: 0.5g Pre-Roll

24 - 27% (240-270mg/g)

Strain Type


Orange Cookies x Jet Fuel Gelato

Available in
3.5g Flower0.5g Pre-roll

Delivered fresh from Cheers Cannabis, IGNITE is excited to feature the always delicious Powdered Donuts Hybrid. The exquisite aroma of fresh sugary donuts matched with the raw and untamed potency of exotic kush and cookies come together for an exciting full body experience.

By combining Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato, Compound Genetics have developed a one of a kind strain for your taste buds: Dark Purple flowers contrast the bright orange pistils, combined with a sparkling platinum sheen to steal the show.  Powdered Donuts lives up to its namesake bringing you flavor and potency in a near perfect form.


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